One Day Sale – Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Only $39.99 at Amazon Today!

If you’ve thought about snagging this title. Now is the time to do so.

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Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Eyes

Tomb Raider was a pretty fantastic game on last-gen consoles, and the Definitive Edition goes a step further to improve an already solid foundation. Lara has never looked so good while getting crushed by a rock, or falling in to the cold womb of the ocean! If you own an Xbox One or a PS4, you can pick up Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for just $39.99 over at Amazon, but you might want to step on it since the deal is only good for today while supplies last.

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Lego Bloopers & Batman School Closures

Here are two must see videos if you are a fan of The Lego Movie. If you have not seen it, I highly suggest you check it out. The first is a “Blooper” reel, a discussion of arm chairs towards the end is hilarious. The second, is Will Arnett, doing his Batman voice from the film, announcing school closures due to winter storms.



Thanks Dad

ImageTo those who do not know, my dad has been in a battle with Cancer, A battle that he was unfortunately not able to overcome.  As we do not know how much time here remains, I want to write about my father and share the influences he had on my life and the things that I carry with me every day and will continue to do so in the future

Everything I enjoy is a result of what my dad shared with me growing up.  My hobbies all stem from the bonding time that my father and I had.  All of my interests always have and always will remind me of my dad.

First up, is my love of film. Little did my dad know but these moments were my favorite, or maybe he does know. I’m sure my big grin, energy, and overall excitement was anything but a secret. Sure there were many outings before something clicked. Such as Sesame Street’s Follow that Bird. Yes it’s true, somehow I remember this and I’m pretty sure it was the first movie I ever saw. Following this was such flicks as Home Alone and Ghostbusters 2. I still remember my sister balling her eyes out as the baby was put in a stroller and taken away by that pesky ghost.  Then there was Terminator 2. At the age of 8, this was a fantastic time at the movies. I’ll never forget it and even though this made me feel like a big boy, it is not what created my passion. That honor belongs to Jurassic Park. I thought about this movie experience for days after and still do. I hummed the theme song in my sleep on the couch. It was a great movie experience and I’m thankful every day that my dad took me to see it.

Thanks Dad.


What’s next? Video Games.  I’ve always been more of a multiplayer guy. I believe this stems from the time I spent pounding buildings while eating humans through repetitive levels with my dad. Nothing was better than sitting in front of the television pushing away at a joystick with my pops. A hurricane could have been blowing the doors off the place and all that would matter is breaking that next window pane looking for food.  I’ll never forget the vivid memory of walking into the living room on my birthday and seeing an original NES plugged into the television and ready to give my skinny little fingers a few blisters. The rest from this point is history.

Thanks Dad.

Although my dad was never the biggest sports fan, the New Orleans Saints were on the television every Sunday.  Mom was usually yelling for the saints to stop doing something. I don’t remember exactly what as it happened frequently. This was the long dark period for the Saints and we all just hoped for a first down. If I can watch a Saints game, I make sure to do so along with the LSU tigers of course.

Thanks Dad.

Then, there’s television. My wife may think that I watch too much and that the DVR becomes full too quickly and she’s probably right. Nothing perked my ears up more than hearing the X-Files theme play out of my tube television speakers. We never missed an episode. Even though sometimes we watched it in different rooms, as soon as a commercial came on, I ran to the other room to talk about what just happened with my dad.  A weekly tradition that took place every Sunday night and it remains one of my favorite shows to this day.

Thanks Dad.

All of these things are a part of who I am and always will be. There are many other things I could list here in addition to this but I’d be writing forever. I could talk about the times we went fishing and failed to catch anything. I could talk about waking up for a Ham Radio event even though I didn’t have much interest, sorry Dad it’s true but I went because I loved spending time with you. I could talk about all those times we went looking for treasure in the middle of a field with metal detectors. I could talk about the joy I felt when you taught me to drive my manual Mazda Protégé in the parking lot after my Subway shift. I could talk about the time I went with you on a business trip and spent my time playing Terminator on SNES and watching Night of the Comet in the hotel room while you were out. Thanks for every pinewood derby race car you crafted and every vehicle malfunction you fixed.

I could talk about a lot of things. I could talk about the many great memories. Or I can simply just say,

Thanks Dad. Thanks for everything. Love You.